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Workshop & Brunch

Zondag 25 september 2022

10:00- 13:30 uur

IJSBAD workshop in Amsterdam

met heerlijke Brunch in Restaurant Vrijburcht

€ 99



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Prem Nadam Schmidt

Your Short cut

consider IJSBURCHT as your short cut. Directly from Ashrams in India and Amsterdam, I have bundled the best Dynamic Breathing and Ice Bath therapy for you in a 90 minute Body Mind and Immunity boost.

I’m 43 years old, born in a ‘Osho-Mecca’ Poona (India). I live and work in Ijburg. My purpose is to help you thrive in the present and to manifest sustainable, happy futures. IJSBURCHT focusses on physical and mental freedom. In my other company, Holistic Banker, we address financials and Investments through Financial Life Planning, consolidating and enjoying freedom in that area too.


Ijsburcht: Calibrate and expand

Easy does it! Just use your body, breath, music, light and cold water to bypass your mind. Under my experienced guidance, I will hold space for you while you complete the practice with an ice cold dip.


For those more rational minds, many of the techniques are endorsed by science.

See you soon. Tot binnenkort!

Warm and powerful greetings.

Prem Nadam


IJSBURCHT is registred in KVK 81002777
BTW number NL003516378B85
Pedro de Medinalaan 194
1086 XR Amsterdam

In Amsterdam

In nature


Right besides the lake, lies a Venue called Theater Vrijburcht, which has been renamed Ijsburcht for the occasion. Its a 10-15 minute bicycle ride from central station or a 10 minute tram ride with tram 26. You can’t get closer to Amsterdam in Ijburg but if you choose to come by car, there is an abundance of paid parking space.


You will receive a practice with explantion and breathing exercises from around the world, including one designed by Wim Hof. I call it happy-go-lucky meditation. You will feel a lot of sensations in your body and they prepare your body and mind for the next practise, the optional waterdip.


The waterdip is optional. You can ALWAYS refrain, even in the water, just say ‘Mandarin’ and out you go. Wet or dry, you have done an excellent Body Mind and Immunity Boost by the time you go home.

During the waterdip you are closely watched by the instructor, every second, before and after, he will be holding space for you. Monitoring your breath, your expressions and your presence untill you step out after max 2 minutes.

We close the practise with celebration, a spicy cup of tea and experience sharing.


The venue is well ventilated and follow the Covid guidelines. The first part of the practice is done inside in a heated space. We provide silent disco headphones so its easier to go inside your own space. Then we move outside to the pier adjacent to the fresh water lake. The water dip is optional.


The water temperature will be anywhere between zero and five degrees.

When signing up you will receive an email with all relevant information.

During lockdown, we offer sessions outside or in a open greenhouse with heated floor.

Just come and check it out!

The time is now – yes you can!

The time is now – yes you can!

The time is now – yes you can!

The time is now – yes you can!

The time is now – yes you can!

“Holding your breath and Ice Cold water is not a goal, its a strategy to a long, happy and healthy life.”

Nadam SchmidtInstructor

“Ik voelde mij de hele dag sterk, opgewekt, trots en blij”

Merlijn BoshuizenOndernemer

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