We will start inside the venue with registration, a disclaimer and safety instructions. Through a series of movement and breathing on music we will guide to into a meditative state. The breathing practices and movements are inspired from ancient yoga practices and might also have some elements from Dynamic meditations.

Effects of this practice
Most likely, you will

  • Detox your body
  • Declutter your mind
  • Boost your immunity

and you might feel

  • Proud & confident
  • Exited
  • Happy
  • Light headed
  • Spaced out
  • Deep relaxation
  • Emotions, the whole range

You will learn to trust your own body, find a point of rest in turmoil and that you don’t need anyone for a good BMI practice, just your breath and cold water.

Sneak preview
The first part of the practice is done inside in a room temperature heated space.  Then we move outside to the pier adjacent to the fresh water lake. Or in a bathtub filled with ice. The water dip is optional.

Ice! really?
The water temperature will be anywhere between zero and five degrees. After exiting the water we find it important that you participate in heat generating exercise, because minutes after you might feel very cold (afterdrop) when the cold blood from your limbs is released into your core again by your own body, knowing its safe to do so.  The heat generating exercises might be challenging but they increase your heart rate and heat up your blood and your limbs so by the time you go home, you feel amazing and proud.

What to bring?
Bring slippers, a bathrobe and a towel, so you can dry quickly and stand in the cold wind/weather for a while.

For who?
We advice you to take a workshop first, here or elsewhere.  It’s best to have some experience. You can also come twice and participate in breathing in the first participation, and do the whole practice in the second. If you dont have experience start taking cold showers after your hot one from today.

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